Dating single moms just say no

It actually may get you sent directly to a block list because we want a quality partner and not someone firing off pictures of their equipment to total strangers. If someone asks for them, fine. I can honestly say that I went on a date where the guy practically interviewed me to be the stepmom for his kid. It was a first date.

If they say no, respect that. There is little more embarrassing than having to explain to a potential date that our budget may extend to supporting ourselves and our kids but might not cover the cost of a sitter for a night out. Be considerate, and understand that sometimes dates might get derailed by family emergencies. Louder for the people in the back! There comes a point where she is done. The man has to be doing something to contribute to, or even cause, the divorce. Maybe so, maybe not. Depends on each individual party to the circumstance.

Besides, even if the ex-husband is a rat, a real man should be able to handle him. These days, women work and contribute at least equally if not more to the household. You are completely wrong on everything you obviously use guys. Read your bible or completely ignore it like you are doing now.

Granted not all single moms are whores, but ALOT of them are especially the young ones. If that's not enough proof to avoid single moms, then I don't know what is! Personally I don't single moms because I'm a single man with no kids,who prefers women without the extra luggage. I'm a follower of Christ myself. But I don't know anyone else's heart. Currently got a single mother coming on to me. Single mothers mostly made their choice - why should I go into a "partnership" where I'm close to the last priority in their life. Real men don't scrape the bottom of the barrel. I disagree with your number 4 reason.

Personally, I would not mind spending more money on a woman. When I first met my girlfriend, she was single but living with her sister. Her sister is a single mom with a little boy. The single sister i. I assumed the kid belong to her. Soon afterward, I met her again with her nephew. Then I overheard her talking to the little boy and referring to herself as the "aunt". That was when I realized she was the aunt, not the mother.

That was when I started pursuing her. At first, she tried to set me up with her younger sister, i. Twice I asked the older sister out. She showed up with her sister and nephew, and then excused herself and her nephew. The second time it became obvious that she was trying to set me up with her single-mom sister.

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After our second "date", I told her, "hey, I am not interested in your sister. I am interested in YOU.

Then I tried to date her again - without her sister or nephew - without much success. That actually became one of her qualities I like about her: So I suggested that she could bring her nephew along on our dates. During our dates, I bonded with the little boy. I spent quite a bit of money on the little boy on our dates. I have no complaint. I actually observed that she is a caring person and will make a great mother someday. But I still would not date a single mom.

Dating Single Moms

So you see, I have no problem with spending money on children. I just do NOT want a single mother. So you would totally date a girl who is Not a mother but will attend the date with the nephew and spend money on the child even if it's not yours?

Dating single mothers? Just say NO! A note for all the single dudes.

Do you know how pathetic you are? All the men on this post, are weak minded immature men. They don't know what it's like to have responsibility and it's men like you that make the angry single mothers that you unasbashedly shame.

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You are hypocritical slugs, and you are too blind to see you are part of this cycle that you shame. This is the most brick-headed bunch of unevolved and unexpansive male minds I have ever seen. Lol Try looking at it like we are queens who have wisdom far beyond what you can perceive that pull no punches but take no shit. So a guy that won't spend his hard-earned money on another guy's kid for maybe the next 18 years or more, and who'd prefer to date a childless single woman is pathetic, immature, unevolved slug You just perfectly illustrated the mentality of so many single moms, and why they should be avoided like a bad disease.

As a single man would I rather date single woman with kids or without kids? Granted she wasn't that interested but why the hell would I wait a week for a date when I Can meet a woman who is willing to meet me tonight? Spending money on another man's child. Don't make it a habit. I totally agree with the author's points. It's sad that too many women can't take responsibility for their bad decisions. These single mothers then blame it on the guy they were with or some other bogus excuse. As shown in the lengthy comment above from the single mom, there is a lack of accountability on her part.

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But then she expects a single guy without kids to accept her and her bad choices. Sorry single moms, but single women like myself without kids will win out every time over you. And it goes for both sees without kids; I will not date men with kids. Not to be blunt, but people without kids don't need tthe baggage.

I think it's so sad that a highly educated women would be so demeaning to other women. I am 35 year old physical therapist and a single mother who owns her own home. I wasn't Wong when I got married or had my children I was almost thirty.

Dating a single mom: what you should know and why it's wonderful

Its just sad there is so much negativity. Some of us never thought we would be here and sometime divorce just happens life happens. So keep talking smack about your mom's aunt's sisters and cousins. Because I am pretty sure that they never thought they would have to do it all alone.