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I think it's important to emphasize that a lot of the frustration coming out of the community is at the lack of communication from the studio. It would be nice if they would just toss us a weekly update, or find some way to be more transparent.

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If we wanted to feel powerless and in the dark, there's always shows on TV. Please, Frederator, use the interwebs and keep your fans engaged. I would personally like to know what has caused countless delays in production. I mean, considering Spring was their target release, they missed. Production can be unpredictable.

It happens all the time with shows, games and movies. Venture Bros is approaching being a year late of the original predicted release date. Do you want a great product or what they can get out as fast as possible?

I would just like to be kept in the loop. I don't want to watch a hastily made cartoon with poor animation, etc all that technical stuff, but I would just prefer a bit of communication.

Also, I posted this not having seen this - http: I just want some CatBug lovin', is that too much to ask? I just had this conversation last week.

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The first episode of season 3 apparently released on the 1st in New York at some convention, and then it was supposed to release elsewhere on the 24th. The only thing is, though, is that it is only the first episode that was to be released anywhere.

The rest of the season is still in production. We may have a long time to wait still. They activated out of jealousy? Is there a web-comic or something I'm missing? I really only use this sub for well, this, finding air times.

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Cartoon Hangover YouTube Page. Bravest Warriors YouTube Page. Canadian viewing issues self. I'm Canadian and I don't have access to season three through their bullshit viewer.

Has anybody found a way to view the new episodes outside the app? I got really excited, and then disappointed. I don't know how I didn't see that coming Episode 5 is a bit harder to find, but I found the full ep here. Episode 4 is just one of the better comics turned into an episode, if you've already read "The Dating Pool", you can skip it.